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Violation of any of the general rules listed below or those specific may result in the loss of a game or even removal from the Festival, as well as the loss of any rights to cash prizes or trophies, or the refund of any amount the player has paid it off.

General rules

1. Chess tournaments that take place within the “Smart Village” International Chess Festival are regulated by the Laws of Chess.
2. Participation in any of the Festival tournaments implies knowledge and acceptance of these game rules.
3. It is the responsibility of each player to register correctly for each tournament they decide to play. The player must also ensure that their details appearing in the various registration lists and leaderboards are correct and must inform the Festival Organizers in the event of an error.
4. The winner (or both players in the event of a tie) will be responsible for communicating their result to the referees. If the result of a game has not been declared to the referee, both players will be deemed to have lost the game. The original match sheet is the property of the organizer, the players having the obligation to submit it, signed and with the correct result, to the referee at the end of the match. Don’t leave your game cards on the game table!
5. Placing the pieces in their original position will also be the responsibility of the players after the game is over. The pieces, the board or the clock cannot be removed from the playing rooms.
6. Players must respect the FIDE Dressing Code and have a correct and sportsmanlike behavior.
7. Smoking, even with electronic cigarettes, is not permitted in the gaming rooms and in all nearby areas, except in properly signposted outdoor areas.
8. The entry of mobile phones into the game rooms is prohibited, unless they are turned off and kept for the duration of the game by the referee, in a specially arranged place. No electronic device of any kind that could be used to provide assistance to chess players will be allowed into the gaming rooms. The player authorizes the referees to check that the phone is switched off in order to ensure that all players have the conditions necessary to conduct the competition, should they have any doubts about this.
9. Players may not leave the game rooms without justification or permission from a referee during their game. In particular, they cannot go to their hotel rooms or make contact with anyone in the room before finishing their game.
10. The Festival organizers, in agreement with the arbiters, reserve the right to assign playing rooms as they see fit, being able to isolate any game during any round of any classical chess tournament.
11. The organizers reserve the right to make some small specific changes in the tournament programs in order to improve their conditions and schedule. Also, in agreement with the judges, the Organizers can increase or decrease the number of rounds of any tournament within the festival. Although it is an unlikely circumstance, should any changes occur, players will be notified well in advance. The time and venue will also be announced on
12. Participation in any of the Festival tournaments implies acceptance by the player that his personal details and match information may be published in various places that the Organizer deems desirable for the better promotion of the event. These means include, for example, registration lists (in written form and online in various media), match results, tournament standings, partial or full broadcasts, rebroadcasts, etc.

Specific rules

Tournments O1 and O2

1. All legitimate or amateur (non-legitimate) chess players can register, without age limit.
2. 7 rounds are played in the Swiss system, according to the schedule published on the official website
3. The winner of the tournament is the participant who obtained the most points at the end of the 7 games. In the event of a tie, the tie-breaking criteria will be:
– direct victory (small chart)
– number of wins
– Bucholtz cut 1 (the result of the player with the fewest points is not considered), Bucholtz total, Sonneborn
– age (youngest)
4. The pace of the game is 45 minutes + 10 seconds/move
5. It is not mandatory to score the game.
6. Only 3 impossible moves are allowed. At the 4th impossible move, the game is considered lost.
7. The impossible move is announced to the referee by the opponent.
8. Coaches, parents or companions are not allowed in the gym (the playing area).
9. Photography is allowed during the first 5 minutes of the game. The official photographer of the organizer can exceed this time but will be accompanied in the competition room by the referee.

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